Gamino- “….but when you plug it in, it, like, powers up, but….the computer doesn’t even repond to it.”

Tabada- “So, is it one that plugs in, or…..”

Gamino- “No, it’s……just a, straight cable.”

Me- “This is the most boring conversation I have ever fucking heard.”

Gamino- “Well, no one asked you to be a part of it.”

Me- “But I figured I’d inject myself into it to liven it up. Maybe less helpful to you, but less boring.”

Tabada- “You know how you asked me the other day if you were still an asshole?”

Me- “Yeah?”

Tabada- “Well. You still are.”

Me- “Dammit. I can’t get away from that.”  A team leader at another table gives me a look as he stands up with his tray. A look that says, ‘I was just sitting here with this total douche who just became a team leader and thinks he’s the fucking emperor of Japan because he has a tiny iota of power, and he was telling me you asked him why when he told you to do something, and that makes you a shitty soldier, so you can’t be our friend and take steroids with us.’ That look. I mutter, “I hate when people fucking look at me.”

Tabada-“I don’t know what happened to you today, but you’re taking it out here.”

On my friends. Like I always do. *sigh* Michelle’s better off without me.

IM Flashback:

Michelle-i bet you have soft skin

Me-yes. But I am indominable

Michelle-haha sorry, i forget these things can be taken as insults by men 😉;)

Me- sometimes

Michelle-i just meant i wanted to put my hand on your arm, and i was thinking about it


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