Brief Forays into Light

From The Electrifying Conclusion, 8 April 2011, 1521 hrs

“It is now past a month that we have been sequestered in Jalalabad. After my cast was removed, Madley and I took to playing Foosball at the Green Beans cafe before starting work. Now there is no work, only waiting for interminably delayed flights to Bagram to get us home.

“And now half the platoon has joined Madley and I in playing Foosball for much of the time. Reading PDFs on my computer, aimless internet surfing in the MWR. Found a little shaded spot behind the tent with a crude table and car seats propped up on rocks, to smoke and think alone, or, as now, to write. Rabren is the only other to come here. Before we met up with him and the rest of the platoon, I told Bennet that I do not like Rabren very much, but I didn’t know why. I think I like him a bit more now. He is very serious and introverted, but not so unintelligent.

“The sun is so bright here, that even sunglasses can’t keep it from hurting in the middle of the day, and I can only stand it for a few minutes. Very different from our COP in the cold, dark valley.”


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