Glossary of Acronyms

1SG- First Sergeant (E-8)

CLiP- Combat Logistics Patrol. The giant convoy of brightly painted freight trucks jingling like Santa’s sleigh and delivering to Blessing their….. ice cream, and….chopped nuts…..donuts…. whatever the hell they have there.

CPL- Corporal, an E-4. A junior non-commisioned officer.

COP- Combat Out-Post. You do not want to be here. Reporters don’t want to come here.

CSM- Command Sergeant Major (E-9)

Doc- Any medic is called Doc

FO- Forward Observer. My job. Or it would be if I ever did my job. Basically he calls in mortars and artillery onto targets. Look up at the top of the page. That was a double 2000lb bomb drop.

FOB- Forward Operations Base. They suck more than the guys at the airfield, but at least it’s still civilization.

HLZ- Helicopter Landing Zone

JAF- Jalalabad Air-Field, or FOB Fenty. This place is the high life. They have a freaking coffee shop!

Lt- Lieutenant

LTC- Lieutenant Colonel. The battalion commander.

MWR- The place with public computers for the internet

OP- Observation Post. A rustic fighting position built into the rock on the ridge line, staring down into the Korengal valley.

PSD- Platoon Security Detachment. They’re the platoon that rolls with the battalion commander.

SFC- Sergeant First Class (E-7)

SGT- Sergeant (E-5)

SPC- Specialist (E-4)

SSG- Staff Sergeant (E-6)

TOC- Tactical Operations Center (the headquarters)


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